The Pathfinder uniform helps make the Pathfinder program real and visible. It is emblematic and representative of the worldwide club’s ideals and standards. Each individual member becomes a very vital representative of the organization, and wearing the uniform will help to provide a consciousness of belonging to a club that rightly represents the Adventist youth of today. If the uniform is worn as ordinary clothing it will have failed in its purpose.

The uniform should always be neat and clean. To wear it commonly for ordinary play or work lowers its dignity. The Pathfinder Club program should be so valuable to each member that the uniform will be acquired and worn with enthusiasm.

Regular inspections are conducted to ensure the Pathfinder member has all required elements of the uniform and all decorations are properly placed.

Class A Uniform:         

  1. Black beret w/small  PF triangle patch
  2. Tan short sleeve shirt
  3. Black sash
  4. Black belt w/PF buckle
  5. Black dress pants (no jeans) for guys/ black knee length skirt w/ belt loops for girls
  6. Black socks
  7. Black dress shoes (no slippers or gym shoes)
  8. Black Tie (Staff & TLT’s only)
Items given at Induction:
  1. Scarf
  2. Slide
  3. World Patch
  4. Triangle Patch Large
  5. Club Crest
  6. Conference Patch
These items are given out ONE TIME. If lost, the Pathfinder is responsible for replacing the items.
Proper placement of pins and patches is essential to the uniform. Click –>here<– for a guide.

Each Pathfinder is responsible for obtaining and maintaining their uniform

Uniforms can be purchased through AdventSource and Pathfindershirts.com

Class C Uniform:

  1. Shirt purchased through Club
  2. Jeans or shorts (as the occasion calls)
  3. Socks
  4. Gym shoes (no sandals, flip flops or otherwise open shoes)


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