Christmas Party & Caroling

Navigators Pathfinders and Adventurers!

We will have our 1st annual Christmas Party on Sunday 16 December. Plan to be there at 10 am (regular club meeting time)

Just bring a great smile and a fun mindset.

Staff: Please bring 2 gifts wrapped in at least 5 layers…this is gonna be FUN!

Be there or be square!



All church members and friends are invited to join us for caroling!

When: Saturday 22 December.

We will go out into the neighborhood and sing songs of the season!

Dress warm and festive.

Refreshments served afterwards


Navigators Camp Out THIS WEEKEND!

El Paso Northeast Navigators Pathfinders & Adventurers will be camping this weekend.

OCTOBER 5-7, 2012

If you would like to go, contact Jocelyn or Michelle ASAP!

Email Jocelyn for Campout permission slip.

Download Pathfinder Registration Form here

Download Adventurer Registration Form here


Pack List


___ Sleeping Bag (Pillow, air mattress/pump, light blanket)

___Camp stool/Chair

___ Lantern (flashlight, propane)

___Clothing suitable for layering (quick dry is nice!)

___ Towel

___Toiletries (please keep it at a minimum. No perfumes/colognes!)

___First Aid kit

___Bug Spray

___Sun screen

___Mess kit (plate, bowl, utensils, cup) (you can find these at Walmart

___Musical Instrument



___Bug/specimen container

___Water bottle/Hydration pack

___Solid hiking boots or shoes

___Great attitude and a spirit for the outdoors


“Rock in the Road” Animation Short by Adventist University Students Goes Viral

This great and encouraging video short was featured on the front page of Vimeo as a “staff pick”. Pass the blessing…

In a faraway land, a king governed his realm so well that his people were in want of nothing. As the years passed, the king noticed his people had become lazy and selfish, so he devised a simple test to show them the value of others. As a young boy unknowingly faces the challenge, the future of the kingdom is built on the strength of his character.

In the fall of 2007, Southern Adventist University’s animation students set out to create a three-minute short film based on a simple parable. This artistic venture, intended to be completed during one year, turned into a five-year journey. The result is the twelve-minute animated short, “Rock in the Road.”

“It is not wisdom, power, or fame that make a kingdom great. But a willingness to help others.”

Awesome Must-See Testimony

Watch how the Holy Spirit moved in Orion Ka’s life,
taking him from a life of submission to Sport over God.
What a Saviour we have in Jesus……………. Praise the Lord


Click Below to Download the PreachingPlace iPhone and iPad App

Please Help us reach the World!! MATTHEW 24:14 in THIS GENERATION….. PRAISE GOD!

PreachingPlace: The Final Messengers


Pathfinder/Adventurer Registration


Pathfinder & Adventurer Registration is going on NOW!

Sign up and join us!

Our first meeting is on Sabbath September 8th at 2pm!

For more info, click on the links below:


> Adventurers
           >Registration Forms

> Pathfinders
           >Registration Forms

Pathfinder/Adventurer Registration Sabbath


Pathfinder & Adventurer Registration Day is this coming Sabbath!

Sign up and join us!

25 Aug 2012

  • Sabbath School: 9:30 am
  • Special “Campfire” Worship: 11:00 am
  • Fellowship Lunch

For more info, click on the links below:


> Adventurers

> Pathfinders

Area Wide Staff Training Weekend

Mandatory Staff Training Session for all Pathfinder and Adventurer Staff

Be prepared for a great weekend of learning, fellowship and Divine intercession. Pathfinder and Adventurer Training Weekend is designed to equip the youth worker with necessary skills for leadership in the North American Division Pathfinder & Adventurer Clubs. There is a required 10 hour Basic Training Course which will be intertwined with other topics pertinent to basis the of a successful club.


Chris & Aimee Clapp, Master Guides and Area Directors/Texico Conference

Jocelyn Zvosechz, Master Guide and Club Director/Northeast El Paso Pathfinder & Adventurer Clubs

David Zvosechz, Drill Master/Northeast El Paso Pathfinder & Adventurer Clubs


August 17-19, 2012 
Northeast SDA Church

What to bring:

  • Writing supplies for note taking
  • Great attitude and creativity
  • Dress comfortable



7-8 PM – History, Philosophy, and Purpose by Chris G. Clapp
8-9 PM – Understanding Your Pathfinder / Adventurer by Aimée A. Clapp


5-7 PM – Club Organization and Club Leadership by Aimée A. Clapp
7-9 PM – Planning and Programming by Chris G. Clapp


9-10:30 AM – Camping and Outdoor Education by Chris G. Clapp
10:30-11:30 AM – Teaching the Curriculum by Jocelyn Zvosechz
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM – Drill and Ceremonies by David Zvosechz
12:30 – 1:30 PM – Outreach Ministry by Jocelyn Zvosechz

Director’s Meeting following training

Please be sure to check our Calendar!

Also go to our Staff Enrichment page for lots of resources

Official Website of the Texico Conference Pathfinder & Adventurer Clubs:
Texico Pathfinder Facebook page

The Replacement Gods (streaming for a limited time only!)

In light of the recent tragic events in Colorado, Little Light Studios have, by the grace of God,
opened up free streaming of their documentary, “The Replacement Gods”


Every culture since the dawn of time has told fantastical tales of heroes that have saved humanity from some unspeakable evil. The effect these mythological tales had on humanity when the true Savior Jesus Christ arrived on Earth was devastating, many didn’t recognize Him because they were seeking a much different hero. Did the Devil blind us from Christ’s first coming by flooding the world with counterfeits of God’s prophesies? Since Super Heroes in comics are based on classical myths, is the Devil blinding us again from the greatest supernatural event the world will ever witness, Christ’s second coming?

Superman, Batman, Thor, and many more make their appearances and unmask their true colors in this ever so clear evidentiary documentary. This should be the last Super Hero movie you ever watch!

The Replacement Gods

Little Light Studio’s Facebook page